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Award Winning Wedding Photographer in Newcastle/North East

Outstanding by The Wedding Emporium, that is the award I won this month for my wedding photography. During a time which has been extremely slow and unsure for everyone involved in the wedding business, both couples and wedding photographers like myself, it was nice to finally have something to celebrate. With COVID restrictions slowly being lifted, and weddings looking likely to go ahead in the next month, things are really starting to look up for everyone.

This award for me is so humbling because I love my job as a wedding photographer, and to be awarded something for doing what you love is extremely rewarding, and it shows that my hard work to capture all of your amazing wedding memories has been well worth it. Like myself, a lot of my couples are hopeful they can now have the wedding of their dreams without any restrictions in place. Even though shooting the smaller, more intimate weddings was nice, it will be great to be surrounded by lots of people laughing, loving, and enjoying their family/friends special day which I have the pleasure of photographing.

Being a wedding photographer throughout COVID has been difficult because I am so used to being out and about, chatting, meeting new people and having fun in new places, but this was obviously stopped because of the pandemic. But I am so grateful to all of my couples who kept faith, kept me in the loop for postponements and have been really supportive over social media. It has been really encouraging and I cannot wait to repay the favour by providing you with wedding photography you will look back on and enjoy for years to come.

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