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Beth & Gareth at the Parlour, Blagdon, North East Wedding

I would like to share with you a recent wedding I did of Beth and Gareth’s wedding at The Parlour at Blagdon in the North East. When you are a wedding photographer and wedding videographer you come across some real hidden gems when it comes to wedding venues, but this one really does take first prize. The first view when you turn up is of an old house, with a lovely wooden gate which leads to a car park, with numerous pathways leading you into the venue. All I could say was wow! I walked in and saw 4 small wooden outhouses all converted to suit all your wedding needs. There was a lovely seating area, huge trees, astroturf for kids to play, and stringed lighting giving a gorgeous glow across the whole area.

I was tasked with doing wedding videography this time around, and I loved it. Beth and Gareth were extremely welcoming, along with their 15 guests which made the whole day so enjoyable to shoot. One of the highlights of the day was when the groom arrived for his pre ceremony shoot and he started rummaging frantically around his car. He looked up to his best man and said, “I have forgotten my wedding shoes”. We all had a bit of a laugh about it before he quickly shot off to go get them, luckily, he didn’t live far away! When he arrived back we did some of the conventional shots, button holes, cufflinks and buttoning up his waistcoat before the guests started to arrive.

The guests then started to get seated as I was waiting for Beth and she looked stunning. Her dress was gorgeous, fine detailed with a long veil which is great for a wedding videographer. The fabric was able to flow and wave as she walked which made for both an excellent wedding photography and videography opportunity. After the ceremony we had a walk around the grounds and started doing the couples videos with the sun setting in the background, it was freezing cold but both Beth and Gareth did an amazing job pretending to be warm. The Parlour at Blagdon really was a perfect place for intimate videos and it really allowed me to capture stunning footage as you can see in the link below.

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