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COVID-19 Wedding Advice to Couples Looking to Postpone

2020 was a crazy year for couples, venues, wedding photographers and wedding videographers across the North East and the rest of the UK. 2021 is looking like it may also be a difficult year for everyone involved in the wedding industry, so I wanted to give you some advice on what to do with regards to your photo and video packages.

If you haven’t booked your wedding photographer or wedding videographer yet then do that now. Especially if you are getting married this year. Creators like myself are receiving an increased amount of enquiries and bookings so dates are becoming very limited, so getting your wedding photography or wedding videography sorted is a must. Usually, booking your wedding photographer 6 months in advance and beyond is a pretty safe bet, but in today’s climate, I would recommend a year in advance if possible to guarantee them having your date available.

I know this part may not appeal to everyone but it is a safe option if you are forced to postpone your wedding, not to mention a money saver. If you are due to get married on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday and you have to move your wedding due to COVID, try and reschedule your wedding to a weekday. This is because some venues and vendors may offer you discounts for getting married on a day they wouldn’t normally have a wedding. It also gives you a better chance of your wedding photographer and wedding videographer being available. This advice could help you save on losing deposits, maybe save a little bit on other vendors and venues as well. I would also suggest gathering a handful of new wedding dates you would be happy with postponing to and email them to your vendors before going ahead with the booking. This is so they have a chance to let you know which dates they can and can’t do so you can plan your wedding the most cost-effective way.

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