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Awesome engagement photography locations

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

There are so many spots in Newcastle, Northumberland, the North East, and North Yorkshire for engagement photography shoots, so here are a few of my favourite locations and advice for couples looking to book.

First of all, use the same photographer who will be shooting your wedding day, it is a great chance to meet them, get to know them and see how your wedding day will go. They will generally get you to do the poses they would like to recreate on your wedding day, giving you a chance to get them perfected and become more comfortable in front of the camera. Which brings me to my second point, if you are uncomfortable in front of the camera then I would definitely recommend booking an engagement shoot. This is a great way to put you at ease and to show you that us wedding photographers aren’t as scary as you think!

When it comes to locations, it is totally down to you but choose somewhere special. Maybe the place you got engaged, or a romantic spot where you had your first kiss, but make sure it is outside. Some of the best locations I have come across are Sycamore Gap, Slaley Hall, and Minsteracres, all in Northumberland. And Janet’s Foss in North Yorkshire. These are just a handful of photography hotspots I would recommend going to if you haven’t got a place in mind.

Finally, for couples who are looking for advice on what to wear on your engagement shoot, definitely try and colour co-ordinate with each other and think about where you are going and at what time of year. Your photographer should be giving you advice such as warm colours like red and orange for autumn months and vibrant blues and greens for spring.

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