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Jade & Craig at the Treehouses, Ramside Hall, North East Wedding

I'd like to share with you a small series of wedding pictures from a small, COVID secure wedding I shot in November. The Bride & Groom, Jade and Craig, decided to press on with their celebrations despite meaning they could only have themselves and two witnesses due to the regulations at the time.The wedding was beautiful, private and it was remarkable to see so much love and tenderness throughout the day. It was a lovely clear day, and I was really excited to just be out doing wedding photography again, capturing memories and being surrounded by joy and happiness after such a crazy year.

Wedding photography in Autumn is probably my favourite month because the colours are so vibrant, and the season matches my style so well. The reds, oranges and browns, matched with the wooden treehouse made for an amazing setting for a wedding photography shoot. I positioned myself per the 2-metre rule as I wanted to capture Craig's expression before and during the moment, he saw Jade for the first time. You'll see in the short series below, Craig of course, and then Jade during the ceremony, along with a few couple’s portraits I took using the amazing surroundings of the private balcony.

With the ceremony being quite late on in the day, it was the perfect time to capture golden hour portraits of the couple which came out so well. Wedding photography is all about lighting, and as you can see in the photos below, it was absolutely perfect. A kiss in front of the setting sun, Ramside Hall Golf Course in the background, the sound of the hot tub bubbling away. The Treehouses at Ramside Hall in Durham are used to large, lavish weddings, but they produced a beautiful setting for this smaller one.

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