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Rachel & Tom at St John’s Church in Chester-le-Street, North East Wedding

I would like to talk about the recent wedding video I shot of Rachel & Tom at St John’s Church in Chester-le-Street in the North East. It was a cold but clear December afternoon and I was tasked with providing wedding videography for the couple as well as filming their ceremony in full. Rachel & Tom were great, they were extremely laid back and made it really easy to shoot their day. Unfortunately like other weddings across the North East, this one was also restricted by COVID but we made the most of it and had a great time filming together.

Tom was suited and booted with his military uniform which was unbelievable to see and film. Sword by his side, along with his new bride to be Rachel who looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress. The couple tied the knot with a beautiful ceremony before we all made our way out of the church to do our couple portraits and videos with the wedding photographer Hayley. Even though it was cold, the two of them were real troopers (pardon the pun) and they were up for doing everything myself and the wedding photographer asked. I captured some stunning wedding videos of the couple outside the church which you can see via the link below.

After the church, we headed over to Rachel’s parents house in Gateshead, and I must say, it was possibly one of the nicest houses I have ever seen. The place had so much character and hidden places which was perfect for wedding videography. The best and most used spot was an archway hidden between two hedges with a gorgeous gate behind. Myself and the wedding photographer decided it would be a good idea to use a smoke bomb and set it off behind the couple whilst we both captured wedding photos and wedding videos. The outcome was amazing and something I would love to do again, the smoke just gave an extra depth to the shots which really allowed the couple to pop. Another thing which also made this spot so good was the silhouettes we got from the light hitting the couple perfectly which made for a really dramatic and cinematic ending to the wedding film. I would love to hear your thoughts on the finished wedding video, it would mean a lot.

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