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Vanessa & Glenn, Brinkburn Priory, Northumberland

I'd like to share with you a small series of wedding pictures from a very special wedding, my Sister in Laws from July 2021. The Bride & Groom, Vanessa and Glenn, decided to press on with their celebrations despite being restricted with numbers due to COVID-19 meaning they couldn't have everyone there, however after a number of postponements and a time where they might only be allowed 15 guests, they were able to more than double this come July. The wedding was beautiful, elegant, private and it was remarkable to see everyone enjoying life again after such a terrible year. We couldn't have asked for a better day when it came to weather, the cloud coverage was perfect and with the shade from the trees and surrounding nature it made the perfect light for the perfect photos.

Wedding photography in Summer is probably my favourite month because the colours are so vibrant, but a lot does come down to how the sun is behaving, too bright and it's extremely difficult to get that even covering of light, and thankfully that's what we had. The light and airy style worked so well with this venue because there was so much greenery around and the bridal prep house was so bright that the two blended really well together. Match that with a stunning venue with awesome grounds and you get truly breathtaking photos. The ceremony in the priory was gorgeous, emotional and a lot of fun to capture, not only because I was a family member but because you could see the love shining through between Vanessa & Glenn.

The ceremony time was great because it allowed us to go out to do the group photos and couple portraits before the sun came beaming through, but by this time we were on to the speeches and I earned a well deserved 3 course meal. By the time the food had ended I took Vanessa & Glenn back out to do some golden hour photos with the venue in the background and they came out great, it really is the best venue I have ever shot at and I can't wait to go there again. Please see some of the stunning images from the days wedding below.

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